8 Secrets to a Successful Winter Move

Some people say the best time to buy a new house is during the winter months because no one wants to move during that time. Whether that’s true or not, besides watching the weather like a hawk and adapting to any uncertainties, here are a few things you can plan for to help you make sure your wintertime moving day goes off without a hitch.

Essential Tips for Moving in the Winter

Check-In & Make a Checklist

Before the big day, make yourself a list of all the major tasks and a flexible schedule of how you want the day to progress. Check-in with your moving company at least two days before your move to discuss any final details and take stock of fragile pieces that need extra care.

Cover Floors

To prepare for your moving day, take care to have tarps or coverage on hard-to-clean floors, like carpet. During winter conditions, movers may be tracking water, mud, or snow into parts of the house as they go in and out, trying to get the job done quickly. Covering the floor can help minimize the need for carpet cleaning and other extra floor work after everything is out of the space.

Clear Outdoor Walkways

Even more imperative is making sure your walkways are clear and ready to go before the movers get there. Shovel any driveway and sidewalk paths free of snow, put down salt to take care of ice, and make a generally hassle-free path from your front door to the moving van.

Prepare Your Furniture

Whether it’s for short-term storage in a truck or long-term storage in a unit, it’s good to prep your furniture for moving before you have someone haul a piece off. Take apart any pieces you can to increase space availability and to avoid loose elements like shelves and drawers slipping out and getting damaged while being moved. Wrap any fragile furniture parts, like painted legs or glass detailing, that could get scratched or scuffed.

Wrap and Pack for Safety

If you’re moving in with icy or snowy surroundings, any unprepared walkways or road conditions may cause even professional movers to stop abruptly for their own safety. If this causes your box of breakables to slide against the wall or moving van, your items will be safe if you’ve filled up the extra spaces in your boxes and wrapped things with extra secure materials. It helps to weigh out the pros and cons of different packing materials for your moving job.

Protect Your Pets

Keep animals in a single space where they can’t get underfoot while people move heavy items and furniture. The stress of a shifting environment may also be bad for the health of more sensitive pets. Keep them closed off somewhere with food, water, warmth, and favorite toys or blankets with familiar scents that distract them from the intrusion. Ask your vet beforehand for the best recommendations.

Keep Everyone Warm

Many people who move in the winter decide to turn off the heat so that their HVAC system isn’t working overtime to try and heat the house with the doors constantly opening and closing. If you choose to turn off the heat, make sure to prep some other amenities to keep you and your moving team warm throughout the day. Offering hot beverages, keeping extra gloves on hand to help anyone avoid stiff and frozen fingers, and even keeping a space heater in the bathroom to have one place that is a reprieve from the cold are great ways to keep things toasty while you work.

Get Help with Your Winter Move from AAA Mobile Storage

No matter the season, you can always rely on AAA Mobile Storage for extra support while you move. Located in Cedar City, we have storage trailers and containers available to help get the job done in the surrounding areas of Utah. We’re always happy to answer questions through our website or a phone call at any time. If you need help with a winter move, reach out to us today!

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