running out of warehouse space?

Rent a storage trailer at your dock.

We have 28', 48', and 53' trailers to accommodate your needs. Our storage trailers are an excellent option for those who want somewhere mobile that they can use for storage. Storage trailers are often the storage of choice for movers, homebuilders, and construction crews to keep their items secure near their current location. The best part of all is that you can move the trailer with you whenever you change locations.

With our 3 sizes of storage trailers, it’s never been easier to find the right size to meet your needs. Come visit us to see our selection or give us a call. Once you’ve picked out your storage trailer, the process is easy. We’ll have it placed when and where you need it. We have loading ramps that can be supplied if needed. Storage comes with swing doors and roll-up doors.

Contact us today to see what storage trailer will work best for you!

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Storage Trailer Sizes

We have 3 main storage trailer sizes so you can get the trailer that fits everything you need.

  • 28' The smallest of our storage trailers, the 28’ trailer is either 96” or 102” wide. This size is ideal for individual items rather than pallets.

  • 48' These trailers are 48’ long and either 96” or 102” wide. This size is a happy medium that can fit about 26 42”x48” pallets or 24 48”x48” pallets.

  • 53' Our large storage trailers are 53’ long and around 13’ tall. You can generally fit 26–30 standard pallets into them with some extra space for you to still be able to move around.

Refrigerated Trailers

If you’re looking to store more sensitive items that require specific temperatures or climates, check out our selection of refrigerated trailers! These are very similar to the standard storage trailers but are climate-controlled. Choose between electric and diesel options to optimize your storage experience.