running out of warehouse space?

Rent a storage trailer at your dock.

If your business is running out of warehouse space for your inventory demand, you wouldn't be the first. Plenty of commercial enterprises that need creative storage solutions are trying to think around new ways to optimize that space at their loading docks, and using a storage trailer can be one of them. 

AAA Mobile Storage is ahead of the game with 28', 48', and 53' trailers to accommodate your needs. Get a storage solution that's as permanent, flexible, and adaptable as your marketplace needs. This is a great option for personal storage needs too. Mobility of equipment and materials can be the key to increasing or delaying the completion time of a building project, and a storage trailer can be just the thing to speed up the process on a large site. Even if you're moving or need an easy-to-move storage solution at home, there are plenty of ways a storage trailer can benefit you instead of a stationary storage unit. 

Reasons to Utilize a Storage Trailer

  • You need to make a sizable move, either long distance or short distance, in one trip. You need the kind of space that can bring all your items in one load that a standard moving van might not be able to. 

  • You work on a construction site that requires transporting several pieces of large, heavy equipment to various location points on the site, so transporting them all at the same time will speed up valuable building efforts. 

  • You need more storage space for a valuable collection of automobiles or recreational vehicles that need to be protected from the elements. You’ll also benefit if you can easily take them to and from their location of use.

  • You are attempting to transport valuable inventory, whether it's already packed in boxes or carefully arranged and bound down in the space. You need to make sure that pests and other contaminants don't hitch a ride on your pieces before they get to the storefront or delivery location. This could work exceptionally well for large pieces of furniture, interior decor, or production set pieces that need to be kept in pristine condition before they are used. 

Storage trailers are often the storage of choice for movers, home builders, and construction crews to keep their items secure near their current location. The best part of all is that you can move the trailer with you whenever you change locations. 

With our three sizes of storage trailers, it’s never been easier to find the right size to meet your needs. Come visit us to see our selection or give us a call. Once you’ve picked out your storage trailer, the process is easy. We’ll have it placed when and where you need it. We have loading ramps that can be supplied if needed, so you can roll even the heaviest items up or out of the trailer safely. Storage comes with swing doors and roll-up doors, so getting to your property is simple yet secure.

Contact us today to see what storage trailer will work best for you!


our Storage Trailer Sizes

We have three main storage trailer sizes so you can get the trailer that fits everything you need.

  • 28' The smallest of our storage trailers, the 28’ trailer is either 96” or 102” wide. This size is ideal for individual items rather than pallets. This is a great option for easily transporting a vehicle or piece of equipment from location to location.

  • 48' These trailers are 48’ long and either 96” or 102” wide. This size is a happy medium that can fit about 26 42”x48” pallets or 24 48”x48” pallets.

  • 53' Our large storage trailers are 53’ long and around 13’ tall. You can generally fit 26–30 standard pallets into them with some extra space for you to still be able to move around.

Refrigerated Trailers

If you’re looking to store more sensitive items that require specific temperatures or climates, check out our selection of refrigerated trailers! These are very similar to the standard storage trailers but are climate-controlled. Refrigerated trailers can be a vital resource for transporting food items, lab samples, or other environmentally sensitive products and materials. Choose between electric and diesel options to optimize your storage experience.

Superior Trailer Storage Anywhere

Our mobile storage gives you a storage space that travels to or with you instead of rooting you to an inconvenient space. Picking the right trailer size is the hardest decision you'll have to make. Located in Cedar City, Utah, we serve our customers with pride wherever their storage needs are. 

We're always ready to answer your questions or concerns about our services. Reach out, and we'll reply as soon as possible to find you the storage space and solutions you need that match your project or journey!