If you can dream it...

Need a temporary office space, training station, workshop, or just a comfortable space for extra storage?

  • Pop-Up Office Space

  • Fire Training Station

  • Comfortable Storage Space

  • Workshop

  • Multi-level Workspace

  • . . . and the list goes on!

We can mod it!

Chances are we can modify these containers to fit your exact needs! Moreover, we'll do it in a professional & timely manner.

  • Electrical Modifications - We offer packages with lighting, heating, AC, electrical plugs and more

  • Roll-Up Doors, Steel Framed Man Doors

  • Secure Lock Boxes

  • Staircases, Railings, Room Dividers

  • Windows (with or without security bars)

  • Side Ventilation, Insulation

  • Top or Side Hatches

Take a look at the variety of modification projects we've had the privilege of working on!


Windows installed with or without security bars. We offer different sizes to choose from, both small and large. We use double-pane windows to keep your container insulated and as airtight as possible.


Insulating a container makes a significant difference. Keep your goods cooler this summer. AC/Heat units can be installed if needed. We do Styrofoam sheeting and spray on insulation.

Room Dividers

Need multiple rooms in a container? We put  strong dividers in with or without access doors. Modify your container's layout to your hearts content!

roll up doors

We offer a wide variety of sizes 4' to 10' wide. Roll Up Doors offer easy access and are great for ATV's, lawnmowers, and other wide vehicles. Our Roll Up Doors come with a slide locking system and full rain gutter to keep moisture out. They also seal up fairly well, but are not mouse or dust proof because they let a certain amount of circulation in to help keep your container cool.


We can paint your container a custom color to match your residence or business. Colors also have a huge impact on the temperature inside your container. Darker colors can be as much as 15 degrees hotter. For painting prep we will remove stickers, wire brush rust and prime any areas on the container that are bare steel. We use industrial oil base enamel to insure your paint will last.


Vents in containers help to keep temperature more stable inside the container. We offer vents that can be installed in the side, front or rear of the container. When all vents are installed and the turbine is spinning, it creates continued airflow through the container. With this system, your container will maintain very  close to outside temperature. 


Customize your container with a steel framed man door. AAA Mobile Storage offers man doors from residential to commercial grade with different sizes to choose from. Steel man doors can be made air and water tight, keeping out dust, mice, insects and other critters.

Each door is carefully molded into our custom made frames. Steel man doors  come with dead bolt. Lock boxes can be installed for even greater security.


A strong metal hook is welded on the left side of the container and the lock box cover on the right side. When the right-hand door closes, it covers the hook. You slide your lock up inside, making it impossible for bolt cutters to get to the lock. Lock boxes make your storage an ultra secure box.

AAA Mobile Storage can add a single or even double lock box system to your container. New Containers already come with a lock box installed.


Check out the current containers we have for sale! Pick one and start modding it today!

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