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If you try to work with a company that allows you to rent a truck to move, you’ll find they have limits on the amount of time you can have the vehicle before the bill starts to climb. Even a single day of renting a moving van or truck can cost hundreds of dollars. No matter the number of belongings or inventory you need to move, carefully storing and transporting your items is an enormous help.

Instead of renting a moving truck for your move, consider renting a storage container or trailer from AAA Mobile Storage. These trailers are tough, spacious, and ready to carry any home appliance, piece of furniture, and delicate items. Anything a moving truck could do, a storage trailer can do better.

Renting the Right Storage Trailer

With a ready-for-service storage trailer, you can go as fast or as leisurely as you like. But a single student living in a dorm does not need a 53’ storage trailer’s worth of space. Instead, choose the right storage trailer to save you money on size and space. This will also allow you to gauge the capacity of the trailer to the number of items that you have to move.

We offer three different sizes of storage trailers to suit your needs moving needs:

  • 28'

  • 48'

  • 53'

See more information about our storage trailers, then choose which size works best for you!

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  • While it is true that renting a storage trailer can give you plenty of time to move, the last thing you want is critters or bugs to come creeping inside. One of the attributes of our trailers is their ability to lock and create an airtight seal. We also provide a lockbox, so there is nothing even a burglar could do to break in without the assistance of one serious welding torch!

    Another thing to note about our trailers: they can freely open on two ends. If you find your organization plan isn’t working, you can open the other side and fix it without having to climb back over boxes and furniture.

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    Don’t waste your money or your stress with a moving company that charges by the hour. Choose AAA Mobile Storage and get a storage trailer with the space necessary to get the job done right. Once full, you can ship your belongings and make a new home almost anywhere. Call us today and you can be on your way!

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