While portable storage containers are becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners alike, there are still many who don’t know what portable storage containers are or why you’d want one. Portable or mobile storage containers are shipping containers that are built to move from one place to another while keeping all the packed belongings safe. To learn more about what portable storage containers are, see our storage container page and our main container page.

These mobile storage containers are excellent for all types of moving and storage because they come in a variety of sizes. Our containers range from 10ft to 45ft long, which ensures that we have a container that is just right for you. In addition to size flexibility to meet your needs, these storage containers provide a wealth of benefits simply by being portable.

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Benefits of Being Portable

Safe & Secure

Your peace of mind is essential when it comes to storing your important belongings and wares. All our storage containers are built to prevent theft. Additionally, we provide a lockbox for each of our mobile storage containers to give you an extra layer of security. You can rest at ease knowing that no matter where you move your container, it will be safe and secure.


Storage units are nice to keep your items stored, but they don’t move with you. With a mobile storage container, you can use it to move or store or both. If you want to have your container near your home or construction site, you can. If you need to move it to a storage facility for a time then take it back to your place, you can. The wonderful thing about portable storage is that you can change where you want it as often as you need.  

Easy Access

When you can take your mobile storage container with you wherever you go, it makes accessing your storage so much easier. You can put the container where you want or where you have enough room for it. This makes it extremely convenient to get your storage since you don’t have to go to a storage facility to access it unless you choose to store your container in a storage unit. Additionally, this means that you aren’t limited to the hours of access at a storage facility. However, you always have the option of storing your mobile container at a facility like Airtight Storage!

Quick & Simple Moving

Of course, portable storage containers are loved simply because you can move them. If you’re on the move for work and need your supplies nearby, your mobile storage container can move right along with you wherever you go. Alternatively, if you’re moving to another location for your home or business, you can’t beat a storage container that is made for moving. These storage containers come with the features needed to make a move easier, no matter if it’s across town or across the country.

AAA Mobile Storage Containers

Portable storage is a great way to make your moving and storing experience easy and stress-free. When you’re ready to choose your mobile storage container, choose to work with the friendly and knowledgeable team at AAA Mobile Storage. Our team will help make your storage process go off without a hitch. Contact us to learn more or to pick out your container today!