Mobile Storage Containers Cedar City, UT

Are you interested in getting some extra storage space? While storage units may be the first storage idea that comes to mind, they aren’t your only option. If you’re looking for more storage mobility and flexibility, check out our storage containers at AAA Mobile Storage!

Our storage containers are solid steel international shipping containers and are an excellent option for portable storage. Once you determine which container you want, the process is simple! We’ll deliver your storage container wherever you choose, and you can fill it at your leisure.

When you want a safe, weatherproof, rodent-proof, and theftproof storage solution, look no further than our reliable storage containers!

Reasons to Utilize a Mobile Storage Container

  • You need to store an abundance of fragile furniture or vehicles that can't fit in your home, but will be vulnerable if left in the elements

  • You need to create an extra or adjunct workspace or workstation that can be easily sized and customized to fit your projects and goals. 

  • You need a pop-up office or training station solid enough to last for the long term in foreign locations. 

  • You need a structure that can be easily modified to accommodate soundproofing, electrical wiring, and increased airflow needs, creating a space designed for comfort and function.

The Advantages to Our Storage Containers

These containers are built for overseas shipping, which means that they can withstand quite a punch from the elements. They also are durable enough to require very little upkeep, making them a hassle-free storage option.

In addition to their durability, storage containers are also secure. Each of our storage containers comes with a steel lockbox to ensure that your belongings are safe. Our airtight containers are also safe from troublesome rodents and pests.

We have a wide variety of storage containers available in different sizes and styles. We also have buying, renting, and leasing options available, whether you’re looking for temporary storage or a more long-term solution. If you have something specific in mind, we also offer modifications like windows and room dividers to help you customize the container to your needs!

Choosing the Right Storage Container with AAA Mobile Storage

At AAA Mobile Storage, our portable storage containers are an affordable way to keep your belongings safe from the elements and pests. Read below to learn more about our three most popular container sizes. When you’re ready, give us a call or visit us in Cedar City to pick out your personal mobile storage container!

  • 10' Our 10’ storage containers are 8’6” tall and 8’ wide. One of these containers can hold around two bedrooms’ or a living room’s worth of items. Don’t forget to take the space of packing materials like blankets and bubble wrap into account. This container could function as a small practice space or studio space for musicians and artists, depending on how it's modified.

  • 20' These 20’ storage containers can hold the items of a 1–2-bedroom apartment, depending on the size of the items and how you fit them. Two of our medium containers may be easier for you to store than one of our large 20’ containers. This container may be ideal for an adjunct training space or temporary classroom, depending on the number of people needed to be present.

  • 40' Our large 40’ containers can fit a 3–4-bedroom apartment. Look into storing items like bulky furniture, pallets, or even 2–4 cars in these huge containers. Because these containers can hold so much, keep the weight in mind. This container may be ideal as a workshop space for automotive, furniture, or other small construction projects that require a small team but plenty of space, electrical access, and possible ventilation access to keep people safe.

AAA Mobile Storage Solutions in Cedar City

AAA mobile storage options are storage spaces that go where you go, so you are never bound to where your stuff is or stopped by how much you have to transport. Picking the right container size is the hardest decision you will have to make because quality protection is guaranteed for everything you put inside it. Located in Cedar City, Utah, we serve our area and customers with pride, no matter how near or far they are taking one of our storage options. 

Reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have about our services; we will be happy to get you the spacious solution you need quickly.

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