Our Container Process

We can deliver to your home or business.

When you rent a container from AAA Mobile Storage, we make the process as straightforward as possible. There are four steps in the process: rent your container, have it delivered, load it, and store it.

Rent a mobile storage trailer that we can deliver to your home or business. We can drop it off with our loading ramp and give you the time to load at your convenience. You can even store at your location or ours. Then, if needed, we can deliver your container from our storage facility back to you!

Our storage trailers are water- and rodent-proof and very secure. We deliver trailers to Cedar City, St. George, and the surrounding areas in Utah. Learn more about our renting process here to know what to expect and how to prepare for your storage container delivery.

Trailer Sizes

  • 28' Long x 8.5' Wide x 9' Tall

  • 48' Long x 8.5' Wide x 9' Tall

  • 53' Long x 8.5' Wide x 9' Tall

self storage available


The first step is determining which type of storage option works best for you. We have several different sizes and types of storage containers to provide you with a personalized solution. You can peruse our inventory of containers to find the one that suits your needs best. Come visit us or contact us to choose which container you want to rent. You can even choose between short-term and long-term storage.

Personalized Delivery

For customers who have never rented from us before, you might be worried about how the process works—especially when it comes to getting your container to you. However, that isn’t a problem when you choose AAA Mobile Storage because we’ll deliver it right where you want it!

Once you’ve picked out your storage container, let us know where you want it to go. You can have it delivered to you, your warehouse, your workspace, or any other location that works for you. Our professional team will personally deliver your container to your given address, so you don’t have to! There are five things that you’ll want to consider when choosing where to place your container.

Prepare Access Area For Delivery

The access area must be at least 12 feet wide and 125 feet in a straight line. The area must be flat and obstacle-free for the driver to navigate the trailer.

Calculate Clearance Length

To calculate the required clearance length, the length of the trailer must be added to 60' of clearance for the delivery equipment plus 20' to maneuver the equipment. (40' + 60' + 20' = 120')

Check Overhead Clearance

Check all access paths and confirm you have at least 20' of overhead clearance from the ground to the lowest point of the overhanging item.

Make Sure The Ground (Or Surface) is Level

The container has four corner posts. It is vital that each corner post is closely level. When containers are off level, the doors do not work as efficiently. They can bind up or not open and close at all. The ground does not have to be perfectly level, but the closer the better. If you find one side of your container a little off, use a stepping-stone or wood blocks to help level it up. When we deliver your container, we can help level it.

Do Not Put Your Container Directly On The Ground

Avoid placing your container right on the ground at all costs. Containers dropped directly on the ground hold the moisture from underneath. As daytime temperatures rise, moisture tends to come up through the wood—leading to condensation. If possible, set the container on 1" to 2" of gravel. You can use railroad ties, and you’ll want 2 ties for a 20' container or 4 ties for a 40' container. We can place your container on concrete footings if needed. We also recommend that you keep the doors to your container closed as much as you can to prevent moisture from settling in the container.

Load at Your Pace

Your storage should be at your pace. When you rent a container from AAA Mobile Storage, you can load your container at your own speed. You have the ultimate flexibility in how often and how much you load into your container.

If you need to move everything to your container in a day to meet a deadline, you certainly can. On the other hand, you can take your time and fill your container at a leisurely pace or just whenever you have availability. Ultimately, you get to load your container on your schedule.

Store Your Container

If where you have your container is different from where you want to keep it, you have options. The nice thing about mobile storage containers is that they’re portable, so you can move them where you need them. If you don’t have somewhere to store your container, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve partnered with Airtight Storage, a storage facility in Enoch and Cedar City, to provide you with a dependable storage location. Airtight Storage has several different storage options to fit your needs. Storing at Airtight Storage is easy, especially since you can reserve your storage space online. Whenever you’re ready to get your container out of storage, we can even deliver it to you!

self-storage available