We understand that storing your belongings brings questions, and we’re here to answer them. Find answers to some of the most common questions we hear about storage and mobile storage containers. However, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of shipping experts at AAA Mobile Storage today!

What are storage containers?

Portable storage containers are called by many names, including shipping containers, freight containers, intermodal containers, and ISO (International Organization of Standardization) containers. These containers are constructed for national and international shipping. You may see them in giant organized stacks floating on equally-large shipping vessels headed across the ocean, trucks driving the interstate, or trains traveling from one side of the United States to the other.

Shipping containers are made of corrugated weathering steel, typically 12- to 14-gauge in wall thickness. These containers are “standardized” by size, quality of materials, age, and quality of seal. At AAA Mobile Storage, we sell, rent, and lease airtight storage containers for maximum protection from the outside elements.

The uses and applications of shipping containers have made them incredibly popular. While perfect for storage, businesses have transformed them into permanent office spaces, construction sites use them for planning, and families even use them as the foundation space for modular housing.

Why would I want a storage container?

Storage containers have long been used by construction, education, retail, and other industries, and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States due to their wide versatility. These containers are great options for safe and secure personal or commercial storage. They can also be modified to fit office, workshop, residential, or other space needs.

How long do shipping containers last?

If a storage container is bought new, used for storage, and adequately maintained, it can be expected to last for up to 50 years. Used containers will vary in lifespan, as they have already suffered some wear and tear as a result of having aged or being used for international cargo shipping.

Can you help me modify my storage container to suit my specific needs?

Yes! Here at AAA Mobile Storage, our staff is experienced in all kinds of container modifications and can help you with your specific design needs. We can handle doors, windows, dividers, lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation and ventilation, lockboxes, and more.

Can I rent a shipping container for a short period?

Absolutely. Here at AAA Mobile Storage, we understand that the reasons our customers have for wanting a storage container vary widely. To fit that variety of needs, we offer options to both buy and rent shipping containers. Our inventory of rental containers includes 10, 20, and 40-foot options, both as-is and modified to serve as office space.

How can I use a shipping container to store my belongings while moving?

Storage containers are a great alternative to traditional moving trucks for individuals and families who need to move their belongings to a new home or apartment, whether that’s across the city, state, or country. We’ll deliver a container to your home, where you can load it with all your possessions. Then you won’t even have to worry about driving—just get yourself to your new home, and your belongings will be safely delivered by semi-truck to meet you there.

What should I not pack in a shipping container?

While storage containers are a great way to pack and store numerous items, there are some things you should steer clear of putting in them. Animals, pets, alcohol, and hazardous materials should never be kept in a storage container. This can pose a threat to the animals and all the other items in your storage container. Essential documents, important small items, and keys should also not be placed in one; instead, you should keep them with you.

How do I pack furniture in a shipping container?

The key to packing a shipping container with furniture and boxes is by packing vertically. Large and heavy items should be placed on the bottom, and you should work your way from the back to the front of the container. If your furniture can be taken apart, this also makes moving easier and creates more space in your moving container. Installing loading straps will also help to secure all your items during the move.

What size moving container do I need?

The size of the container that you need depends on the number of items and furniture you need to store or move. If you’re moving around two bedrooms’ worth of items or one living room’s worth of items, a 10’ storage container would be perfect for you. If you are moving a 1–2-bedroom apartment, a 20’ container would be better for your needs. If you are moving a house or a 3–4-bedroom apartment, a larger container, such as a 40’, would be better suited for your move.

Are storage containers weatherproof and secure?

Storage containers are generally weatherproof and secure, but it will also depend on where you are renting them from. Our storage containers at AAA Mobile Storage are reliably weatherproof. Most storage containers are built for shipping and overseas journeys, which means they can withstand all the elements while keeping your items dry and safe. They are also secure and locked with a steel lock box or another type of similar lock so that no one can get to your belongings.

How can I store a moving container?

Moving containers can be stored at various storage facilities and mobile storage facilities as well. Space can be rented in storage facilities to place a large moving container, and oftentimes mobile storage companies can store the units for you as well. For instance, AAA Mobile Storage has partnered with Airtight Storage in Cedar City and Enoch to provide you with a simple storage solution for your container.

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