There are innumerable reasons for storing large furniture; moving to a new home, getting some renovation done, or maybe you need the larger pieces out of the way for a short time, or you have an heirloom that needs to be stored for a while.

Whatever the cause or period, if done the proper way, your furniture will stay in pristine condition for decades to come. Here are four key tips for storing large furniture.

Clean It Up

Start by giving all the furniture a thorough rub-down. Depending on what the piece of furniture is made of, your cleaning process and materials will vary, but a soft cloth to wipe away dust and grime is essential. For tougher stains, you can moisten the cloth. Cloth covers can be washed and dried. Use steel wool to get rid of rust stains on metal furniture. Vacuum upholstery thoroughly. Use furniture polish if possible. Spray all furniture with furniture-safe pesticide spray. Make sure everything is completely dry before you move on to the next step.

Take It Apart

Take the larger items apart. Take apart legs, remove drawers from dressers, and take out mirrors or glass. Store all the screws and parts properly in labeled boxes.

Not only does taking these pieces apart make it less likely that the joints will warp or bend, causing the item to misshapen, but storage also becomes much easier when everything can be laid out flat. Think of it as a game of Tetris: flat pieces are easier to fit into and around each other than ungainly tables.

Cover It Up

Before putting your furniture into storage, remember to cover everything up. This will keep off the dirt and grime. Fragile items like ceramic, glass, and mirrors should be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped carefully.

Don’t wrap wood or wrought iron furniture in bubble wrap, though. They need ventilation; otherwise, the surface could get damaged with mold. A natural fiber blanket or coverings specifically made for this purpose can be used to drape over furniture to protect from dust, but air is still able to circulate. Remember to wash and dry the blankets before using them. Polishing wood with linseed oil and wrought iron with metal polish will ensure the surface doesn’t crack or chip.

Climate Control It

Your best bet is to get a climate-controlled storage unit that lets you control the heat and moisture in the unit. No matter how hot, humid, or cold it gets on the outside, your furniture enjoys a stable atmosphere that prevents the onset of mold and deterioration.

Some storage boxes aren’t quite boxes—they have more of an open-air concept with no ceiling. Those can’t be climate-controlled. Furthermore, they also offer no protection to your furniture in case it rains.

Lastly, make sure the storage unit is in a safe area where it’s not likely to be broken into, and don’t cram too much or too little in. Just the right amount of furniture will help keep it from getting damaged. 

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