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AAA Mobile Storage in Cedar City, UT

Everyone needs a little extra space. Homes need storage to help organize and store unused furniture and treasured belongings. Businesses need reliable storage to hold necessary inventory and equipment. Even construction yards need on-site storage. AAA Mobile Storage is based in Cedar City, and we love serving our local community with our unique storage solution.

The Gateway to Southern Utah

Straight from Salt Lake City and heading south, pioneers in 1851 constructed Fort Cedar. They quickly called it Cedar City thanks to a quickly growing population; the town sat right in between large deposits of iron, coal, and (of course) juniper cedar trees for which the community is named. The success of the short-lived iron furnace and the establishment of constant iron mining even gave the county its name.

Incorporated in 1868, Cedar City shifted its industry because of the construction of the nearby railroad in 1923: tourism. With so much beautiful scenery in central and southern Utah, the call of red rock canyons and rushing water became irresistible to those with a love for outdoor adventure.

To this day, Cedar City remains a strong center point in the state of Utah, its population tripling since 1990. Cedar City has flourished as the gateway location for family vacations and excursions, with Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park within an hour’s driving distance of the city. Home to Southern Utah University, the yearly Utah Shakespearean Festival, and the Utah Summer Games, there is always something to do and see in Cedar City. And we haven’t even mentioned how great it is to live here!

How Can AAA Mobile Storage Help You in Cedar City?

Here at AAA Mobile Storage, we love the people of our community and proudly serve our clients and customers whenever they need extra storage space. But we don’t offer just any regular storage unit. Our shipping containers are the very same used in overseas shipping, offering supreme weather protection and tough steel construction. We have many different container sizes to choose from to hold what you need.

Whether you need permanent storage or temporary, AAA Mobile Storage offers buying, renting, and leasing options for our storage containers. And unlike renting a moving truck, you won’t have to fill an enormous gas tank with diesel and panic about getting the truck back to the dealership in time. Whenever you need your container moved, we set it right on a flatbed truck and deliver it wherever it’s needed. It’s that simple.

Common Uses for Storage Containers

Storage containers are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility; when it comes to possible uses, pretty much whatever you can imagine is possible. Both individuals and businesses can opt to use shipping containers for airtight storage, additional office space, or workshop space. Here are some other ways you can use your storage container.

  • Families moving to a new location appreciate the ease of transporting belongings in a shipping container.

  • Some famous restaurants in big cities even utilize shipping containers for dining space.

  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile containers were commonly used as temporary hospitals and clinics.

Mobile Office Container Rentals

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Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers

There are many benefits of choosing to use a mobile storage container for moving, which can range from cost-effectiveness to more flexible timelines. Here are a few big ones:

  • Storage containers protect your belongings.

    At AAA Mobile Storage, our mobile storage units are tough. Each container was originally built for transporting cargo across the ocean on transport ships. The containers are made of durable solid steel to withstand force, time, and the elements of the Cedar City area. They can be securely locked and even sealed airtight, so you can have confidence in the safety and security of your items.

  • Storage containers are easy and stress-free to transport.

    Storage units are easy to load onto a trailer and transport to or from Cedar City via semi-truck. No more dealing with multiple trips to the new home or trying to navigate driving a huge moving van, paying daily or even hourly rental prices, or figuring out diesel fuel refilling policies. Simply load up your storage unit, make your way to your new home by whatever mode and timeframe of travel you prefer, and your belongings will be there to meet you when you arrive. AAA Mobile Storage can provide transport throughout the entire state of Utah. 

  • Storage containers can meet a wide variety of needs.

    One of the best things about utilizing mobile storage units is the flexibility. When you choose this route for packing and shipping, you can take your time on your way to or from Cedar City with both short- and long-term contracts available. Our storage units also vary in size, ranging from 10 feet to more than 50 feet in length, so you can find the perfect amount of storage space for your needs. 

  • Storage units can be customized.

    A storage unit is a great option for making your life easier due to the wide variety of customizations it can undergo. AAA Mobile Storage has a professional modification team that can help you install doors, windows, flooring, insulation, HVAC, electricity, and more. The sky's the limit when it comes to storage containers, and you might find it works well to provide additional living, storage, office, or other space once you’ve settled in.

Cedar City Resources for Families and Individuals

Cedar City is a growing metropolitan area popular with families, but it manages to retain its character and friendly atmosphere. Here are a few resources that may be helpful for families and individuals looking to learn more about Cedar City:

Frequently Asked Cedar City Questions

Why would I want to move to Cedar City?

Cedar City is located in central Utah with easy access to both Salt Lake City and St. George. This picturesque town is located at a high elevation in the mountains and boasts plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, as well as a thriving arts scene.

How can AAA Mobile Storage help me with my upcoming Cedar City move?

Using a storage container takes the stress out of moving. Instead of being on a time crunch to load your belongings into a truck, take your time packing with a shipping container delivered to your home. Then, instead of driving a large truck long distances to your family’s new destination, let a semi-truck driver handle the work for you. Your items will meet you there. 

Can I use AAA Mobile Storage for a commercial move to or from Cedar City? 

Yes! If your business is moving to a new office or location, AAA Mobile Storage can help. We use the same process for residential moves, and your office supplies, furniture, and other items will be transported by semi-truck to meet you at your new business location.

What are some moving best practices?

When moving, make sure to give yourself time. This means starting the sorting, packing, and logistics processes as soon as possible. Using a shipping container takes away the pressure of pricy per-day rental truck fees and lets you go at a more relaxed pace. 

What storage options are available to Cedar City residents?

AAA Mobile Storage has storage options available to all Cedar City residents. We offer storage trailers, refrigerated trailers, and storage containers. Each comes in a variety of sizes, has affordable rates, and can be placed on your property or at ours. We’re here to make life easier for you, and our storage options reflect that.

Flexible and Reliable Storage in Cedar City, Utah

If you have never heard of storing important household belongings, work equipment, or inventory inside of a moving storage container before, discover the advantages today. At AAA Mobile Storage, our number one priority is to help you find a storage solution that works for you—without the hassle. Based in Cedar City, Utah, our rental rates are flexible, fair, affordable, and available with no contracts and no obligations. We offer moving services, rentals, and sales of various container sizes. We also have a modification team that can turn your container into something brand new. Contact us today to learn more.

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