Everyone needs a little extra space. Homes need storage to help organize and store unused furniture and treasured belongings. Businesses need reliable storage to hold necessary inventory and equipment. Even construction yards need on-site storage. AAA Mobile Storage is based in Cedar City, and we love serving our local community with our unique storage solution.

The Gateway to Southern Utah

Straight from Salt Lake City and heading south, pioneers in 1851 constructed Fort Cedar. They quickly called it Cedar City thanks to a quickly growing population; the town sat right in between large deposits of iron, coal, and (of course) juniper cedar trees for which the community is named. The success of the short-lived iron furnace and the establishment of constant iron mining even gave the county its name.

Incorporated in 1868, Cedar City shifted its industry because of the construction of the nearby railroad in 1923: tourism. With so much beautiful scenery in central and southern Utah, the call of red rock canyons and rushing water became irresistible to those with a love for outdoor adventure.

To this day, Cedar City remains a strong center point in the state of Utah, its population tripling since 1990. Cedar City has flourished as the gateway location for family vacations and excursions, with Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park within an hour’s driving distance of the city. Home to Southern Utah University, the yearly Utah Shakespearean Festival, and the Utah Summer Games, there is always something to do and see in Cedar City. And we haven’t even mentioned how great it is to live here!

How Can AAA Mobile Storage Help You in Cedar City?

Here at AAA Mobile Storage, we love the people of our community and proudly serve our clients and customers whenever they need extra storage space. But we don’t offer just any regular storage unit. Our shipping containers are the very same used in overseas shipping, offering supreme weather protection and tough steel construction. We have many different container sizes to choose from to hold what you need.

Whether you need permanent storage or temporary, AAA Mobile Storage offers buying, renting, and leasing options for our storage containers. And unlike renting a moving truck, you won’t have to fill an enormous gas tank with diesel and panic about getting the truck back to the dealership in time. Whenever you need your container moved, we set it right on a flatbed truck and deliver it wherever it’s needed. It’s that simple.

Flexible and Reliable Storage in Cedar City, Utah

If you have never heard of storing important household belongings, work equipment, or inventory inside of a moving storage container before, discover the advantages today. We offer affordable rental pricing with no contracts and no obligations. Even if you buy or lease your container, our moving service is still at your disposal. Give us a call today!

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