Just about anything that you put in standard storage you can put in refrigerated storage. The main difference between the two is that you can put things in refrigerated storage that you shouldn’t put in regular storage. 

You might be wondering why you would need a refrigerated trailer instead of a regular storage trailer. While they both can make your storage mobile, they have different needs that they address. Standard storage trailers are made to hold most items but not all. Some items can’t handle extreme temperatures or fluctuating humidity. If you’re looking to store any of these types of items, using a standard storage trailer won’t give your items the protection that they need. 

Refrigerated trailers give you control over climate and temperature to keep your belongings safe from the weather and from weathering. Additionally, these trailers are a great source of climate-controlled storage, whether you need to keep cargo warm or frozen. We have many options to choose from Diesel or Electric.

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What to Put in Climate-Controlled Storage

There are many types of materials that are ruined even by a slight humidity change or a temperature rise. Wood will warp, crack, or rot if left to face the elements. Leather will discolor, mold, or mildew. Electronics can crack and rust and paper items can even disintegrate. These types of items are much better off in refrigerated storage than standard storage. Make sure that any of these items are safely tucked away in a refrigerated trailer:

  • Anything made of wood, metal, wicker

Wood and wicker items are likely to dry out if they are not kept in a climate-controlled area for long periods. There’s also the possibility of humidity damaging the items. This can result in shrinking or swelling of wood or wicker, and even cause cracks, splits, and other damage. Metals can also warp and melt if they are not kept in a controlled climate.

  • Furniture, especially if leather, upholstery, or wood

Wooden furniture can warp and become damaged in humid or cold temperatures. It can shrink, swell, crack, and be damaged in other ways. Upholstered furniture is also susceptible to damages if it isn’t kept in a controlled climate. Not only can it be damaged like wooden furniture, but the upholstery can pick up an odor from humidity, which can be a pain to remove. Leather furniture especially needs to be climate-controlled because it can dry out and crack if left in a humid area.

  • Mattresses

    Fluctuations in temperature tend to affect several furniture items, including mattresses. In this case, a mattress could be permanently damaged if not stored in a climate-controlled area. If not stored correctly, mattresses commonly suffer from mildew and freeze damage.

  • Electronics, computers, tablets, game consoles, etc.

    Extreme temperatures can have lasting or permanent effects on technology and electronics. Computers, tablets, and gaming systems can easily be warped beyond use if they are kept in temperatures not suited for them.

  • DVDs, videos, records

    Just like technology and electronics, DVDs, videos, and records can easily be damaged and warped if they are kept in humid or freezing temperatures. If you plan on storing any of these items, be sure to store them in a climate-controlled area so that they come out in the same condition that they went in.

  • Art

    Art is very susceptible to damages if not stored at the correct temperature. It can stretch, shrink, tighten, and even slacken if the temperature is too warm or too cold. This can result in the paint cracking and flaking on the canvas. But this can all be avoided if art is properly stored in a climate-controlled area. 

  • Clothing, especially lace and leather

    Leather and lace are both delicate fabrics and can be damaged if they are not stored at the right temperature for long periods.

  • Antiques

    No matter the type of antiques you own, they should always be in a climate-controlled environment. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can warp antique furniture and objects by drying them out, cracking them, or even causing the materials to swell.

  • Collectibles

    If you collect any items such as snow globes, comic books, action figures, stamps, or anything else, most of these items are vulnerable to fluctuating temperatures. Most of the materials these items are made of can easily fray, warp, collect mildew, crack, or be damaged in one way or another. The best way to protect collectibles is to store them in a climate-controlled area.

  • Photographs and Important Documents

    Like comic books, photographs and important documents can easily be damaged if not kept in a temperature-controlled storage area. The material is fragile and can easily fray, fade, thin, or deteriorate if not kept in the proper environment.

  • Musical instruments

    Most musical instruments are made from wood or metal, which leaves them susceptible to humidity and freezing temperatures. Woods can dry out, crack, and warp, leaving them damaged beyond repair. Metal instruments can also be damaged through warping and even melting in some cases, which is why climate-controlled storage is always the best option for instruments.

  • Medical supplies

    The integrity of medical supplies relies on a controlled temperature and environment. If not stored in the proper environment, it can harm medications and prescriptions beyond use. When it comes to medical supplies, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Makeup

    Many makeup products can melt in unideal temperatures. Other products can dry out beyond use, which is why if you need to store makeup, it should be in a climate-controlled facility.

Diesel or Electric Refrigerated Trailers?

We offer both diesel and electric options for our refrigerated trailer rentals. Diesel trailers are easy to refuel and extremely reliable. On the other hand, electric trailers are eco-friendly and economical. In either case, you can rest assured that all our refrigerated trailers are well-kept and ready for you at AAA Mobile Storage!