6 Things You Should Do When You Store Wooden Items

Whether due to a move, inheritance, or another event, many people find themselves needing to store wooden items such as tables, chairs, or wooden knick-knacks and heirlooms for some time. These items often have monetary or sentimental value but can be susceptible to damage if not stored correctly. Follow these steps to ensure your items are protected while they’re in storage.

1. Clean your items beforehand.

Any dirt, grime, or stains that are on your wooden items before they go into storage will just get worse the longer they sit. Prepare your wooden belongings for storage by wiping them off with a damp cloth or even a wood cleaner. A follow-up treatment of furniture polish will keep the wood hydrated and prevent it from cracking while in storage. It’s best to complete this process a few days before moving things into storage so that your items have sufficient time to dry completely.

2. Take furniture apart if possible.

If you have any large items that can be disassembled, make sure to do so before moving them into storage. Taking the furniture apart not only allows for more efficient use of storage space. It also protects your wooden items by reducing the risk that something will get bumped or hit during the moving process and by allowing you to wrap and cushion more delicate parts. Keep track of the screws and other hardware that you need for reassembly!

3. Keep items covered.

Victorian homeowners were on to something—it’s best to keep your furniture covered with a sheet, moving blanket, or other thin fabric wrap when not in use. Plastic is actually not an ideal material for this because it can trap moisture and damage the wood underneath. Instead, use a breathable material that will offer protection from dust without creating a moist environment for warping, swelling, or mold to occur. You can secure the material around the legs of your furniture with zip ties or rubber bands.

4. Choose your storage unit wisely.

Wood can be easily damaged by moisture, pests, or extreme temperatures, so it’s important to choose a storage unit that effectively protects these items. Many facilities offer pest control, climate control, and other benefits. AAA Mobile Storage provides airtight and waterproof portable storage units to keep your items safe and secure.

5. Be smart about stacking.

When you move items into your storage unit, make sure you’re using space effectively but also protecting your wooden items from potential damage. Put heavier items on the bottom and be careful about what you stack on top. Avoid stacking things beyond what is stable; any falls could scratch or ding the wooden items below.

6. Keep things lifted off the ground.

If something were to spill in your storage unit—or even from a unit next to your own— the liquid could seep into your wooden furniture and cause significant damage. Prevent this risk by storing furniture off the ground. Pallets work great for this, and even a tarp laid over the floor is better than nothing.

Keep Your Wooden Items Safe in Storage

Whether it’s wooden tables, chairs, knick-knacks, or any other wooden item, you can feel confident that your belongings will be safe and secure when you store them at AAA Mobile Storage. Wood is delicate and easily damaged by moisture or pests, which is why we use portable storage containers as our storage units. Portable storage containers are airtight and waterproof, so they keep moistures and pests out and give you peace of mind about the safety of your belongings. For dependable storage in Cedar City and other cities throughout Utah, contact us for more information.

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