When you're renting a storage unit or have a portable shipping container, it's easy to lose track of what you're keeping stored away. You probably pack up boxes, put your belongings in the storage unit, and then go about your daily life.

People often store belongings that aren't used very often, such as seasonal decorations and clothing. So it's easy to forget what you've stored, and you may even wonder if you've lost some of your objects.

Luckily, there are some practical tips you can follow to keep track of your items in storage easily. Get some tips and tricks from the storage pros at AAA Mobile Storage.

Tip 1: Make a Plan

While storing and packing items can be overwhelming at times, especially if you're in a time crunch, the process will go more smoothly if you make a plan. Start by determining what you need to store and what can stay in your home.

It's also a good idea to start writing down the things you will store, but we will get more into that later.

Tip 2: Sort Items Before Packing

As you're planning and before you begin packing up all your belongings to store, it's a good idea to sort everything. First, you can sort what needs to go in the trash or to secondhand shops.

Then, you should sort what you're going to store by type. There are different organization methods, but it's easier to pack similar items together. This way, you can easily label boxes and bins.

Tip 3: Use an App or Spreadsheet

Sorting similar items together and labeling boxes and bins is vital. Still, you can further keep track of your items by using technology. Of course, you can also keep it old-fashioned and write a list and keep it somewhere you remember.

But, if you're on your phone often, making a spreadsheet of everything in the unit is helpful. There are even apps out there you can download that are made just for keeping track of stored inventory and belongings.

Tip 4: Take Photos on Your Phone

If writing things down isn't an effective way for you to track your stuff, pictures are another excellent choice. Take pictures of what you've stored in the container or unit, and then make a folder on your phone. If you rather use a camera, then you can always save the photos to a computer or laptop instead.

This way, you can refer back to the pictures when you're wondering if you put certain things in storage.

Tip 5: Avoid Using Boxes

Finally, it's a good idea not to use boxes when storing items. For one thing, boxes aren't that sturdy and may get water damage. They can also attract pests. It’s easier to use plastic bins because they keep your items sealed better and are often see-through to allow you to better view what's inside.

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