Are you planning to move in the near future? While moving somewhere new is often very thrilling, it's also a good deal of work. You have a lot on your plate as you play the move, and maybe you need to figure out how to pack. During the moving process, you want to ensure all of your items arrive at your new home safely and securely. Luckily, storage containers are an excellent way to move your belongings efficiently while ensuring things stay in good condition.

However, to make sure your shipping container is organized correctly for a move, it's helpful to follow some tips from the shipping container experts at AAA Mobile Storage. Let's get started with the best ways to pack your storage container for a move.

Start With a Plan

Having a plan in place is vital for any move, whether you're going across the country or just down the street. If you have a plan, packing your shipping container will go much more smoothly. As you start filling the container, make sure you figure out things such as:

  • What do you plan to pack in the container?
  • Which items will you need to access quickly?
  • What items need to be unpacked first?

Get Supplies Together

As you move ahead with packing the container, ensure you have all the right supplies. Of course, you'll need many boxes, but you should also stock up on things like tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets, etc. Having these items all ready will help move the packing-up process along.

Ensure Distribution of Weight

When you start putting boxes or furniture into the storage container, ensure that you distribute the weight as equally as possible. Suppose you have many heavy items on one end of the container and not on the other. In that case, this can lead to issues during the transportation process.

Keep Items Secure

Just like if you were packing up a moving trailer or the back of your truck, you want to make sure the objects in your shipping container are secured. While you don't have to tie items down, you should pack them in such a way that they won't jostle excessively during the move.

Pack Boxes Strategically

Along with organizing the items inside the shipping container, you should also organize each individual box. Ensure everything inside each box is packed in tightly. Wrap up valuable and fragile items with bubble wrap or blankets. Then, as you set up the boxes in the shipping container, keep heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

Avoid Packing Certain Items

While storage containers are excluded for many items, they aren't perfect for everything. Keep items such as food, legal documents, and heirlooms with you just to be safe. Remember that the shipping container will get jostled a bit, so keep this in mind while packing it up.

Do you have more questions about shipping containers? Or perhaps you need to rent a shipping container for a move? Call AAA Mobile Storage today to get started today!

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