Shipping containers make excellent storage units because they are so secure and safe. They protect your belongings from most of the outside elements, and they are also movable. This means you can have your portable storage unit taken to your home, business, or even if you’re moving cross country.

While shipping containers are quite secure against things like snow and ice, it’s still important to take steps to prepare the container for colder temperatures. This is especially crucial if you're using your storage container as an office, business, or any other creative purpose.

Luckily you can easily prep your storage container for winter using these tips for AAA Mobile Storage.

Tip 1: Consider Heating Options

If you’re using your cargo container for a business or room, you’ll want extra protection from the cooler weather. Still, even if you’re mostly using the unit for storage, you'll want to make sure you don’t have anything susceptible to the cold in there or invest in heating options.

You can use a portable space heater or customized heating unit. You could also get solar panels for the container. For all of these options, you’ll want to partner with a professional to ensure safety.

Tip 2: Install Weather Stripping

An even easier way to keep your storage container warmer throughout the winter is by adding weatherstripping. While most shipping containers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, modified units may not be as secure.

If your shipping container has doors and windows, air can leak in. So, make sure you set up weather stripping around all of these entrances.

Tip 3: Add Insulation

Along with weather stripping, you can further insulate the shipping container. If you install a layer of insulation around the unit, you’ll get a barrier from the cold weather and better temperature control.

Tip 4: Get Coverings for Floors

There’s another simple step you can follow to keep the shipping container warmer. All you need to do is get rugs or another kind of cover for the floors. Cold weather outside can make the floor of the shipping container cold, so getting floor coverings can minimize this issue.

Tip 5: Get More Advice from Our Storage Experts

Have more questions about winterizing your shipping container or storage unit? Feel free to contact AAA Mobile Storage at your convenience.

We offer many sizes of shipping containers, and storage trailers, for moving, business, or any other purpose. We even have a modifications team that can help you ensure your container is ready for cold weather. Contact us today to learn more about these options or to get tips on maintaining your storage container.

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