The Best Way to Unpack After a Move

If you’ve recently moved and used a storage container to move all your belongings, you may be asking yourself: what is the best way to unpack? Unpacking can sometimes be just as stressful as packing, especially if you don’t know where to begin. If you need help with unpacking your items from a storage container, follow these six tips to make it easier.

1. Develop a System

Just like with packing up your belongings, it’s always helpful to develop and stick to a system when unpacking all your boxes. Randomly opening boxes is never the best course of action. Create a system of unpacking by organizing which rooms to unpack first, and what items you’ll need right away. Hopefully, you will have labeled your boxes during the packing process, which will help developing an unpacking system much easier.

2. Start by Unpacking Daily Items and Necessities

A great unpacking system always starts with unpacking daily items and necessities. What are you going to need the first night in your new home? You’ll probably need clothes, toiletries, medications, a mattress, bedsheets, pillows, blankets, and some food and basic kitchen supplies. Don’t worry about putting together your bed frame the first night. Stick to the basics at first. These items should be packed near the entrance of your storage container or kept in boxes in your car for easy unpacking.

3. Move from Necessities to the Kitchen

Next, focus on your kitchen. Once you unpack all your kitchen supplies and food, you’ll have a fully stocked kitchen ready to use. You can plug in your toaster and coffee machine and make your kitchen functional with all your dishes, pots, pans, and silverware.

4. Unpack the Bedrooms and Bathrooms

After your kitchen, work on the bedrooms and bathrooms next. You’ll likely already have some toiletries, towels, and other items in your bathroom, but now you can focus on putting away all your bathroom items and cleaning the bathroom. Now is also the time to put away the rest of your clothing in your closet, assemble your bed frames, bedside tables, and dressers, and unpack all your other bedroom linens and items.

5. Work on the Living Room, Dining Room, and Furniture Assembly

Once you have the majority of your new home unpacked, move to your remaining rooms, such as your dining room, living room, recreational rooms, or office. These rooms will likely require more furniture assembly than anything else.

6. Save Anything for the Garage and Outdoors for Last

If you’ve followed the above tips for unpacking your storage container after a move, then all that should be left is anything that goes in the garage or is used outdoors. Most of these items aren’t essential and are only used now and then, which makes them the last thing to unpack. You can take your time putting away garage items and outdoor tools and setting up your back patio.

If you’re planning on a big move, be sure to organize while packing to make unpacking your storage container easier on yourself. Following these tips can help you have an unpacking system, which will ensure your boxes are unpacked by importance. If you need help with your move or are looking for a storage container, feel free to reach out to AAA Mobile Storage for all your moving storage needs.

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