When you need a storage solution, you have two main options: traditional storage units and shipping containers.

With storage units, you’ll go to a facility that has a bunch of units, either inside or outside, that look like a garage. With shipping containers, you’ll rent or buy a shipping container, used traditionally to move cargo, and either visit a facility or store it wherever you want it.

But which is the better option for you? Both of these have their pros and cons. So, here’s what you need to know about the differences, according to the team at AAA Mobile Storage.

Pros & Cons of Storage Units

Storage units are what people typically think of when they imagine self-storage. They’ve been used for a long time, and they do have some benefits, such as:

  • There are often many storage unit facilities to choose from
  • They can have extra security if you’re choosing an indoor facility
  • They are convenient for short-term moves or storage

On the other hand, there are some downsides to traditional storage units. These include:

  • Storage units aren’t very customizable
  • They can’t be moved, so you'll have to go back and forth to access your stuff
  • You may not get 24/7 access, depending on the facility

While a storage unit may seem like a good choice for short-term storage, you might find that a storage container has more advantages for both short and long-term storage.

Pros & Cons of Storage Containers

Shipping containers, or storage containers, are the other common option for storing items, and they also have their pros and cons.

Some of the major advantages of using shipping containers as storage include:

  • You can keep them near your home or business for constant access or leave them at a facility, whichever is most convenient
  • They are easy to customize and can even be converted into business spaces or extra rooms
  • They are very secure and resistant to most weather conditions, keeping your belongings perfectly safe inside
  • You can use them to transport your items for a long-distance move

Of course, everything has its cons. Here are some to look for with shipping containers:

  • They can be more expensive if you’re moving the shipping container long-distance
  • You may not have room on your property for them

Overall, shipping containers are a more versatile option compared to a storage unit. At AAA Mobile Storage, you can rent or purchase a storage container of various sizes, whether you need one long-term or just for a move. We even have a modifications team to help you completely customize your container.

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Because shipping containers are so secure and customizable, you can use them for everything from moving to starting a new business. People even convert shipping containers into tiny homes! If you're looking for the perfect shipping container for your Southern Utah home or business, call us today to get a quote!

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