Much like other purchases and investments you make, mobile storage containers need to be maintained. While shipping containers are versatile and durable, they do require maintenance, even if that means only a little bit. Luckily, it’s very easy to keep shipping containers in great shape, and there is very little to do on your part over several years. Here are some tips to help you maintain your shipping container storage unit.

Try Not to Store Items on the Roof

Once you’ve purchased or rented a shipping container from a reputable company, you’ll want to start storing your items in it. While you may want to store items on top of the container, this is never recommended. The roof doesn’t offer much support, especially if you plan on storing several heavy items up there. It’s also not equipped for a person to walk across. Because of a shipping container’s design, any heavyweight on the roof will cause the roof to flex and bend, which is not good for it. To easily maintain your shipping container, avoid climbing, walking, and storing items on the roof. This can severely damage the roof and your shipping container over time.

Keep the Roof Clear

Since your storage container will likely be sitting in the same spot for the majority of the year, it will likely collect leaves, debris, ice, and even water on its roof. Snow, water, and ice can all severely damage the roof of your shipping container, while also inflicting dents and scratches to it. This is why it’s important to make sure you are regularly clearing off the roof.

Keep in mind that water and ice can also rust your container, leaving the mental to thin out. Thin metal will make your items inside the container vulnerable to moisture that can get in through a thinned-out roof. It’s recommended that after any ice, snow, or rain storm that you visit your storage container to clear off the roof to keep it maintained.

Remember to Maintain Your Climate Control System

Just like any other HVAC system, the one connected to your shipping container needs to be maintained. This means replacing the filter regularly and seeking regular maintenance and inspections. Repairing it as needed can also help keep your belongings inside of the container from being damaged due to not being in the correct climate.

Conduct an Annual Inspection of Your Storage Container

Each year, you should check your container for scratches, dents, and peeling paint. These are all risk factors for developing rust. If you notice any chipped paint, repainting it will help protect the metal of your container. You can also regularly clean any rust or dirt you do find to keep your container in the best shape. But if there are any large dents, scratches, or spots of rust, it’s better to leave the cleaning to a professional.

You should also inspect the caulk of the container to see if the weather might have stripped or peeled any off. These areas can quickly and easily develop a buildup of moisture, creating mildew growth. If you find any areas like these on your storage container, it’s best to replace the caulk as needed.

Keep Your Container on a Hard Surface

The best place to store your container is on a hard surface, such as your driveway or a paved storage lot. If you don’t have this option, it can be stored on a soft surface, but you need to remember that your shipping container will eventually settle on the ground if left there long enough. Before you decide to keep your container on a soft surface, reach out to your supplier and ask for advice, such as support mechanisms that will help prevent your container from settling.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to always keep your shipping container in the best shape and follow these maintenance tips. They will not only keep your container in the best shape possible, but they will help you extend the life of your container. If you have any other questions on storage container maintenance, you can reach out to us at AAA Mobile Storage!

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