When you need a storage container, one of the questions at the top of your mind is probably about the size of the unit. Whether you’re getting a storage container for seasonal storage, moving, or as a business space, you want to make sure the portable shipping container you rent or purchase is the right size for your needs.

In this guide from AAA Mobile Storage, you'll get simple steps to finding which of our storage unit options is best for you.

Our Options for Storage Containers

Before getting into the steps, let’s review the storage container sizes we provide. Our options are 10-foot long, 20-foot long, and 40-foot long.

Here’s how you can visualize the difference between the three sizes:

  • 10’: For our ten-foot containers, you can fit items and furniture from an average-sized, one-bedroom apartment. These units are about the size of a large walk-in closet.
  • 20’: The 20-foot containers are ideal for storing items from a two-bedroom apartment.
  • 40’: Finally, the 40-foot container option provides enough storage space for a four to five-bedroom home, making it roomy for conversions to rooms or businesses.

Step 1: Determine the Purpose of the Container

Now that you know the basic sizes of our shipping container options, you’ll want to take some simple steps to determine which options you’ll need.

The first thing you should do is think about the purpose of the storage container. If you’re using the unit to store short-term storage or for a move, a ten or 20-foot may be your best bet. However, if you’re converting the container into a small business, you may want to choose our 40-foot option.

Step 2: List the Items You’ll Store

To further help you determine what size you’ll need, you can start by listing all the items you want to keep in the storage container. You can do this step whether you’re converting the container into something else or just using it as storage.

Step 3: Use Painter’s Tape for Visualization

Finally, before you make the final decision, you can use painter's tape on the floor or in your driveway to get a more precise idea of sizing. All you do is measure out the dimensions of the container with the painter's tape. Then, you can start placing items inside or calculate dimensions.

Call AAA Mobile Storage for More Help!

Still have questions about which portable storage option is best for you? Feel free to give our team a call. We can give you more tips. You can also come visit our Cedar City location to check out options, as seeing the units in person is very helpful.

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