How to Keep Your Golf Equipment Safe in Storage

If you’re one of the Utahns who recently celebrated National Golf Lovers Day on October 4, then you’re probably wrapping up golf season. As an avid golfer, you know just how important it is to store your golfing equipment properly. After all, your golfing equipment is very valuable to you, so you should want to keep it in the best condition. But when the weather cools down and the snow starts to fall, keeping your equipment sitting in your garage for months may not be the best storage technique. Instead, store your equipment in a storage container to keep it safe and in great condition.

How to Store Your Golf Balls in Storage

Before you place your golf balls in storage, it’s always best to clean them. You can easily do this by washing them with soap and water, then gently patting them dry with a towel or cloth. Afterward, leave them out to finish air-drying.

Once they’re clean, your golf balls are ready for storage. To keep them in their best condition, store them in a breathable container, such as a cloth bag, and make sure they are in a climate-controlled area, such as a refrigerated storage trailer from AAA Mobile Storage. A climate-controlled area is crucial for storing golf balls because it helps control humidity—you wouldn’t want your golf balls drying out or growing mildew from unideal humidity conditions.

How to Store Your Golf Clubs

Much like your golf balls, you will want to make sure that you clean your golf clubs before putting them in a storage unit. If you keep your clubs in good condition, you may need to only wipe them down before you put them in storage. However, if yours are a bit dirtier, you’ll want to soak them in warm, soapy water. While in the water, scrub the club heads with something small and soft, such as a toothbrush. Use a washcloth or rag to wipe the shafts and grips of the clubs. Then you can dry off your clubs.


Before safely storing your clubs in a storage unit, you will also want to clean out your golf bag. Make sure both your clubs and bag are completely dry before putting them away into storage. Making sure all of your golf equipment is dry before putting it in storage for the season will prevent mildew and keep your equipment in its best possible shape.


Once your golf balls, clubs, and bag are clean and ready to be stored, be sure you store them in a dry, climate-controlled area. Storage containers are great options because they’ll keep your equipment in the ideal conditions, and you’ll know that they are being safely stored and protected. AAA Mobile Storage in Cedar City, Utah, is perfect for storing your golfing equipment! Contact AAA Mobile Storage for more information. 

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