How to Best Store Holiday Decorations

With the holidays officially over, you may be starting to take down all of your seasonal holiday decorations. While putting your decorations up is always fun, putting them away usually isn’t as enjoyable. It can also be difficult to pack and store everything correctly. If you’re looking for the best way to store your holiday decorations, here are some helpful tips:

Store Ornaments Correctly and Safely

If you have breakable ornaments, it’s important to store them correctly and safely to reduce any risk that they could be damaged or broken while being stored. The easiest but most expensive method is to buy storage containers specifically meant for ornaments. These do a great job at protecting your ornaments. But if you’re looking to keep your ornaments safe while also saving a few dollars, consider DIY storage, such as using egg cartons and coffee cup holders to store your ornaments before placing them into a box or bin.

Put Lights Away Neatly

We all know what happens to millions of people every year: they go to take out their holiday lights to find that the strings are one giant knot. But you can avoid this with ease by taking the extra time to store them properly. Instead of throwing your lights into a box, take the time to neatly wrap them around something, whether it be a piece of cardboard or store-bought light storage. By doing this, you’ll be able to take your lights out next year with ease and not have to worry about detangling them.

Use Special Storage for Wreaths and Trees

If you use an artificial wreath and tree every year, then you know the struggle of storing them. This year, consider investing in storage that is specifically made for your wreath and tree. Many stores now sell storage containers meant specifically for wreaths, which will not only protect them from any damage while in storage but are the perfect fit for your wreath. You can also purchase tree bags that let you store your tree in an upright position and make it easy to move in and out of storage.

Wrap and Pad Items for Protection

If you have other holiday decorations, such as a delicate tree topper and decor pieces, you’ll want to make sure that you are protecting them when you pack them in boxes. Use packing materials such as packing paper or bubble wrap to keep all your fragile decorations protected before putting them into storage. This material will help prevent any accidents storing your items.

Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum sealed bags can be extremely useful, especially for holiday fabrics that are going into storage. Whether you’re putting away your family’s holiday outfits, stockings, Christmas tree skirts, table linens, or any other holiday fabrics, the best way to store them is in an airtight bag. These bags will help keep your linens safe from any dust and bugs.

Stay Organized

Lastly, it’s important to stay organized while you’re putting everything away. If you don’t, it may be difficult for you to determine what each box contains the next time the holidays roll around. The best way to keep things straight is to label all your boxes. Label them by holiday and what specific decorations are inside them. This way you’ll be able to grab exactly what you need next holiday season.

Once you have all your holiday decorations properly stored, consider storing them somewhere safe. While using your garage or attic is a simple solution, sometimes renting out a storage unit or container is the best option. Not only will this keep all your decorations safe during the off seasons, but it will free up plenty of space in your home. The next time you’re looking for a reliable place to store your decorations, contact AAA Mobile Storage in Cedar City, Utah, for storage containers and trailers near you.

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