With the temperatures dropping outside, storage containers can be a great option for people looking to store summer gear and other items through the fall and winter. Below are some ideas for types of things that can be convenient to store in a storage unit during the colder months.

Pool and Beach Gear

As summer comes to a close, putting away your pool and beach gear in a storage container makes perfect sense. It keeps your yard clutter-free and protects inflatable pool toys, lounge chairs, slip-and-slides, sun umbrellas, and other seasonal items from the harsh elements. When summer rolls back around, your gear will be in great condition and ready for you to take out again, making your pool and beach outings a breeze.

Camping and Recreational Equipment

Fall and winter can limit your outdoor adventures, meaning you likely won’t be using your camping and recreational equipment as often. Since these things can take up a lot of room in your home, a storage container is an ideal solution to keep your tents, sleeping bags, hiking gear, and kayaks safe and dry during the off-season. Your items will be readily accessible when it’s time to hit the trails or go camping in the spring.

Gardening Tools

If you’ve got a green thumb, odds are you have a number of tools, pots, and other gardening supplies that are used during the spring and summer. A storage container allows you to get these items out of the cold and wet, or to free up space in your garage or shed, while providing a secure, weather-resistant, and organized space for these tools.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture sets and BBQ grills are nice to have in the summer but don’t get as much use during the winter months. Protect these valuable items from damage and deterioration by moving them to a storage container, where they’ll stay clean and dry. Your patio sets, umbrellas, and grills will be protected from snow, ice, and harsh weather, extending their lifespan and allowing you to use them for future outdoor gatherings and barbecues.

Ski Gear

Ski enthusiasts understand the importance of having quick access to their gear during the winter. Storing ski equipment, including skis, boots, and poles, in a storage container near your favorite mountain resort is a convenient solution. It saves space at home, keeps your gear in one place, and ensures it's ready to hit the slopes whenever you are. Plus, it's a perfect spot to let wet gear dry out between adventures.

Holiday Gifts

If you have curious children (or a curious spouse!), you may want to find a truly undiscoverable hiding place for Christmas presents this year. A storage container is the perfect hiding spot for holiday gifts if you want to maintain the element of surprise, while also saving space in your home. Storage containers can ensure no surprises are spoiled while also reducing the overall stress and chaos of your holiday season.

Storage Solutions in Utah

AAA Mobile Storage specializes in helping customers across Utah, Arizona, and Nevada simplify their lives and find much-needed empty space with storage containers. We offer a wide variety of storage containers for sale or lease and can help you source the perfect option if you have specific needs in mind. We also have a full modifications team that can transform your storage container through heating and cooling, electricity, insulation, doors and windows, and more. Contact us today for more information.

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