Nowadays, DIY projects are more popular than ever, with individuals aiming to build, repair, or invent on their own rather than hiring a contractor. Whether you’re into woodworking, mechanics, or something else, or just need a space to store all of your tools and equipment, a storage container can be turned into an ideal workshop or garage space.

Advantages of Using a Storage Container as Workshop or Garage Space

  • Shipping containers are sturdy and durable. Workshops need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and shipping containers are perfectly equipped to house any project you decide to take on. Because these containers are built for cross-continent travel and are made of thick steel, they are extremely durable and weather-resistant, making them a great fit for workshop or garage space.

  • Shipping containers provide a secure storage solution. If you’re a dedicated DIY-er, odds are you’ve accumulated a lot of tools and equipment over the years. Keep all of these tools safe, secure, and organized in a dedicated storage container space. Shelving and racking can be added to the interior of your storage container so that everything can have a place.

  • Shipping containers are cost-effective. Renting or building a dedicated garage or workshop space, or even a shed, can be extremely expensive. Storage containers provide a cost-effective alternative that offers more affordable pricing without sacrificing durability or function.

  • Shipping containers are adaptable. Is your workshop space for working on mechanics? Engineering? Carpentry? Some other type of project? No matter what type of job you’re taking on, a storage container can become exactly the space you need it to be with easy modifications. You’re in control of the final design, whether you’re adding windows and doors, electrical wiring, lighting, heating and insulation, shelving, etc.

  • Shipping containers are portable. Shipping containers are ultimately meant for just that– shipping. This means that it’s easy to put a shipping container anywhere you want on your property. If you move to a new location, you can bring the container with you. This is especially helpful for individuals who find themselves working on various job sites.

Modifications for Shipping Container Workshops and Garages

AAA Mobile Storage has a professional modifications team that can help you create a shipping container workshop that perfectly meets your needs and design specifications. Common modifications we perform include installation of electrical wiring and lighting, doors and windows, heating and cooling, flooring, shelving, and more. Find out more about our modifications capabilities and process here.

Southern Utah Storage Containers

If you’re in Utah and could use some additional workshop or garage space and think a storage container may be a good option for you, AAA Mobile Storage can help! We provide full sales, rental, and transportation services for a wide variety of shipping container types and sizes. See how a shipping container can make your life easier, and affordably. Contact us today for more information.

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