4 Easy Steps to Using AAA Mobile Storage Containers for Your Move

When it comes to storage containers and creativity, the sky's the limit. People around the world are catching on to how flexible and cost-effective these containers can be. Not only that, but they are convenient and customizable.

One of these creative uses is for a restaurant. Storage containers are increasingly becoming an attractive option for food entrepreneurs. With their functionality and customizable design, they can be perfect for a diner, café, concession stand, or coffee shop.

Advantages of Using Storage Containers for Restaurants


Storage containers are easy to transport. You can take your pop-up restaurant or café on the road with you to festivals, food rallies, or other events. Make sure you are where your customers are with a container space that makes temporary look good.


Industrial chic is in! Shipping containers have a unique, hip aesthetic that speaks to younger generations. Pair one with bright colors and branding, and your restaurant is sure to make an impression.


We’ve all heard, "reduce, reuse, recycle." For those who are environmentally friendly, there’s no better option than a repurposed shipping container. You’ll create something entirely new from an item that has already served its original purpose.


Once your storage unit is all packed up and your new home is ready for you, AAA Mobile Storage will transport the container to your new location via truck. You can travel to your new residence however you’d like and the storage container filled with your things will be there to meet you when you arrive, ready for you to unpack.


Design your kitchen and serving space exactly to your specifications. Maximize space and increase efficiency by ensuring that you have everything you need– and nothing you don’t.

Storage Container Modifications for Restaurants

Shipping containers can be customized to meet almost any space need, whether storage, office, living, retail, or even dining! At AAA Mobile Storage, we have a modification team that can work with you to make your restaurant dreams a reality. We can install ventilation and HVAC services, electrical systems, and more. If you want traditional or roll-up doors or windows, lockboxes, staircases, room dividers, and insulation, we can help you there too!

Storage Container Modifications for Restaurants

Storage containers offer it all. Whether you want total customization for your needs or easy moving and transport, a storage container is a perfect solution. They also provide safe, durable storage for your belongings, not to mention they would make a great mobile restaurant. At AAA Mobile Storage, we're Utah's one-stop shop for storage and shipping containers. Whether you want to buy a shipping container or lease one, we have a variety of different container sizes and options to fit your needs.

We also offer transport and delivery services as well as refrigerated trailers. No matter what you need for your new restaurant, we can help you customize your shipping container. Each of our shipping containers is built with thick, durable steel that can withstand time, storms, and would-be thieves. When you buy or rent a storage container from us at AAA Mobile Storage, you know your items will be safe inside of it. Contact us today to learn more or to inquire about one of our services. 

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