Creative Ways to Use a Storage Container: Remote Office

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are switching to a remote or hybrid work plan. They spend at least part of the week working from their home instead of the office. Teleworking is popular with employees for a variety of reasons, including reduced commuting, increased flexibility, and extra time that they’re able to spend with their families. However, the problem that frequently arises with work from home arrangements is that you need a home office space, which many people don't have. Storage containers provide an easy, convenient, and affordable solution that provides functional office space.

Many industries, such as construction or events, also need off-site office space to conduct work in a secondary location. Shipping container offices can create a professional work environment that allows for on-site presence which can be easily moved from location to location.

Advantages of Using a Shipping Container as a Remote Office

  • Durable. Shipping containers are built to withstand international journeys over the ocean, made with thick steel. They are tough, secure, and will last for years to come.
  • Portable. Shipping containers are easy to transport via truck, so you can put them at almost any location– in your backyard, on your property, at a construction site, or elsewhere.
  • Freestanding. The opportunity to work from home is great, but it can sometimes be difficult to focus while in the hustle and bustle of family life. Shipping containers give you a quiet space to focus.
  • Spacious. Even the smallest shipping containers are larger than a cubicle. Your shipping container office space has room for a large desk and all the materials and technology you need for maximum productivity.
  • Sustainable. Because you’re repurposing the container, shipping container offices are a sustainable option. They keep containers out of landfills and cut down on the harmful chemicals often used in new construction.
  • Fast. Shipping container offices take less time to build than new traditionally-constructed office space, meaning you can enjoy your new office sooner.
  • Affordable. Even with significant modification work, shipping container offices are much more cost-effective than traditional buildings.

Shipping Container Modifications for Remote Offices

The modifications team at AAA Mobile Storage can help you turn your plain shipping container into a functional office space that looks great and improves efficiency. Common modifications requested for office space include electrical wiring and lighting, heating and cooling, doors, windows, flooring, and more. Learn more about our modifications here.

Southern Utah Shipping Container Supplier

AAA Mobile Storage can help you find and construct the perfect shipping container for remote office space. Based in Cedar City, Utah, we provide rental, sales, modification, and transport services for multiple sizes of shipping containers. We're eager to help you find increased flexibility and function through a shipping container space. Contact us today for more information. 

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