Each year, more and more people rediscover the joys of gardening as a means toward self-sufficiency, the opportunity to connect with nature, and exercise in calmness. It can be hard work but is all worth it when you bite into that juicy tomato that you grew yourself from a tiny seed. Whether you opt for flowers, produce, herbs, or anything else, gardening is a hobby that’s rewarding in many different ways.

It’s also easier than ever to have your very own greenhouse now that society has caught on to just how versatile storage containers can be with a little imagination. Storage containers can make great gardening and greenhouse spaces– if you purchase your own and modify it accordingly, you’ll be surrounded by thriving plants and greenery in no time.

Advantages of Using a Storage Container as a Greenhouse

There are many elements of a storage container that lend themselves well to being used as a greenhouse, including portability, durability, and affordability.

  • You can choose from multiple types of growing. If you decide to use a storage container as a gardening space, you can choose from a couple of different methods for growing food. The first one is traditional greenhouse growing, wherein your storage container’s roof will be replaced with a semi-transparent greenhouse top to allow for warmer temperatures inside and maximize natural light. Some individuals also choose to replace one or more walls with windows or greenhouse material, and with this set-up, you can grow plants just like you would in any other greenhouse. However, if you don’t want to replace the roof, storage containers are also perfect for hydroponic or aeroponic gardening, where produce is grown vertically with artificial light and doesn’t need sunlight at all. This type of gardening is catching on as a more high-tech and sustainable method but requires an additional upfront investment to set up the necessary technologies and equipment.
  • Storage containers are durable and weather-resistant. Greenhouses are out in the elements, and odds are you’re in a location that doesn’t have picture-perfect growing weather all year round. Storage containers are great to use for this purpose because of how durable they are. Made of thick steel, they can be placed outdoors and subjected to harsh weather without being damaged (while protecting your precious plants inside!).
  • Storage containers are portable. When it comes to plants and gardening, location is everything, and the smallest change in the environment can change how your plants grow and thrive. Since storage containers were built for easy travel across oceans, it’s simple to transport them to wherever is best (and then move them in the future if things change!). You’re free to place your storage container in the most ideal location on your property, at the optimal distance from your home, and in the sunniest spot.

Modifications for Storage Container Greenhouses

Modifications can turn your storage container into the perfect greenhouse. For this use, you may want to install insulation, remove the ceiling and/or a wall and replace it with greenhouse glass, and add windows, shelving, a ventilation system, or other elements. AAA Mobile Storage has a professional modifications team that can help you make your design plans a reality.

Storage Container Sales, Rentals, Modifications, and Transport in Southern Utah

If a storage container greenhouse sounds like it could be a good fit for you, AAA Mobile Storage can get you set up with everything you need. From our location in Cedar City, we offer sales, rentals, transportation, and modification services for a wide variety of storage containers. Contact us today to learn more.

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