As the holidays wrap up, winter really begins. While the time of year when everyone takes down their holiday lights and puts away their presents can be a bit sad, it’s also an excellent time to make goals and create extra space in your life.

A mobile storage unit can help you with your New Year’s goals and more. In fact, winter is the best time to rent a storage container from AAA Mobile Storage. Here are the reasons why:

Reason 1: It’s a Great Time for Savings

Most people wait until spring to plan a move or to do deep cleaning, so storage containers are always in high demand during springtime. Fall is also quite busy as people prepare to start college. However, since demand is lower in the middle of winter you can get good deals during the winter.

Reason 2: It’s Perfect for Storing Holiday Decorations

After the holidays, you need somewhere to store all those decorations. While you may have always kept these boxes in your garage or shed, what if you’ve run out of room? A storage container is an option for decor you only have up for one month of the year. You can keep your belongings secure but also out of the way until you need them again.

Reason 3: You’ll Have Extra Time to Prep for Spring Moves

It makes sense to plan a move in the spring. After all, you probably don’t want to drive or deal with moving heavy boxes and furniture when it’s cold and icy outside. However, you can get ahead of the game by booking your storage container a couple of months in advance.

Doing so gives you lots of time to sort your belongings and downsize if you wish. Because our storage solutions are portable shipping containers, you can also store anything you want to bring on the move, and it will be ready for transport when you are!

Reason 4: Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning

Many people deep clean their homes and apartments in the spring. However, winter can be a great time to declutter and downsize. After the holidays, you may have accumulated more stuff and want to get rid of older things you don’t use anymore. With a shipping container, you can create extra space around your home or apartment. Cleaning and organizing will set you up for success in the new year!

Book Your Storage Container Today!

Looking to save money on renting a storage unit? Want to plan for the year? Now is the perfect time to book your storage container. With our mobile, stable shipping container options, you can get all the space you need for all your resolutions. Contact us today to get started.

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