Custom shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular among both commercial and business clients due to the truly limitless options for use. Common projects include converting shipping containers for office space, inventory storage, workshop space, residential living, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to shipping container modifications, and AAA Mobile Storage can help your dream become a reality.

Custom Container Modifications

Modifications can be tailored to your needs or tastes, but there are several container modifications that people ask for time and again. Below are a few of the most common container modifications:

  1. Adding windows.
    Windows can be installed in a wide variety of sizes and at any location on your storage unit to let light in and create a welcoming space for working or living. We use double-paned glass to aid in insulation and keep your container as airtight as possible.
  2. Altering doors.
    Portable storage containers come with one end door, but this may not be adequate for the usage you require. We can modify your portable storage container with roll-top doors for wheeled vehicles such as ATVs, bikes, or lawnmowers, as well as steel man doors, which can be made airtight and watertight, or standard doors for easy entrance.
  3. Installing insulation.
    Whether or not people will be spending time inside your container, it’s often a wise idea to insulate your container against hot and cold weather. Some storage container containers, like AAA Mobile Storage, have multiple methods to choose from, all of which will make a big difference in keeping you or your goods in more moderate temperatures. In addition to insulation, you can also install heating and air conditioning systems. 
  4. Adding flooring.
    For professional environments, many individuals want to install new flooring materials inside their shipping container. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice due to its ease of cleaning, affordable cost, and attractive wood grain appearance, but you can find other options as well. 
  5. Painting the interior or exterior.
    Painting your shipping container is a popular modification, both inside and out. We can add your customized commercial branding to the outside of the container or paint the interior a lighter color to keep things cooler in hot temperatures. We use industrial-grade enamel for high-quality results that will last for years.
  6. Installing fans and ventilation.
    Vents and fans work to keep the temperature cooler inside your portable shipping container by increasing airflow. We can install vents in the front, side, or rear of your container to build a system that gives you continual air circulation and temperature control.
  7. Designing a workstation.
    If you plan to work inside your portable shipping container, you can install a built-in workspace and countertop. Depending on your needs, you can even add whiteboards, bulletin boards, shelving, file cabinets, or other office equipment.
  8. Wiring for electricity.
    Professional electrical installation can transform your shipping container into a fully functional workspace with lighting and outlets for computers and other equipment. 

These are just a handful of the wide variety of custom container modifications that customers ask for. See a fuller list and a gallery of our past modification projects at the Modifications page on our website. If you have a unique modification in mind that’s not on the above list or the Modifications page, let us know! We’d love to take on the challenge and work with you to create something one of a kind. For more information, contact us today. 

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