When you're storing your items in a self-storage unit or container, you want to ensure that all of your stuff is protected. And, if you don't have a temperature-controlled option, humidity can be a problem, especially if you're storing your items over the winter.

At AAA Mobile Storage, we want to help you keep your items safe. So, suppose you're using a portable storage container or a similar option. In that case, we are happy to advise you on how to keep humidity issues at bay. Here are five great ways to avoid moisture damage to your stored items.

  1. Space Out Your Items

If you have a portable storage unit or one near your property, you may be tempted to pack as many items into the container as possible. However, this can be bad for airflow. While the closed storage unit might not be great for air circulation, spacing out your items a little more can improve the situation. Try to leave a bit of space between larger items or between stacks of bins.

  1. Invest in Desiccators

While it might be a weird name, these are the small packets you'll often find in packaged goods, like wallets or technology, that says, "do not eat." They often say something like silica gel. You can buy these items in bulk, and they are helpful to put in sealed boxes and bins. This is because these desiccators actually help absorb moisture, so consider investing in this useful tool.

  1. Don't Use Storage Bags, Especially for Long-Term

Storage bags might seem like the ideal way to remove moisture from your items and also save space, but the opposite is actually the case. Moisture often gets trapped inside these bags; even if they are not completely sealed, they could still get water inside. Instead, store items with more airflow or rotate them somewhat regularly.

  1. Only Store Items When They are Dry

When you're packing up your items for self-storage, don't put anything in the unit that's still wet. Even some tiny amounts of humidity can ruin the items, especially if you're storing anything like books, papers, or magazines. Instead, give your stuff time to dry completely before storing it away.

  1. Choose a Reliable, Secure Unit

The best way to ensure all your stored items are kept dry and in good condition is to choose a company that provides high-quality, sealed self-storage units. At AAA Mobile Storage, we provide top-of-the-line self-storage and portable storage units. We pride ourselves on offering waterproof options that keep your items secure, so you'll have peace of mind.

Find out more about yourself-storage options in the St. George area by giving us a call today. You can also reach out for a quote.

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