3 Reasons to Get a Storage Unit for Thanksgiving

If you’re uncertain about getting a storage unit, Thanksgiving might be the ideal time to make the space-saving investment. The arrival of Thanksgiving coincides with the looming of chilly winters. Even if you’re not looking to invest in climate-controlled storage, most self-storage options are far superior to sheds and garages when it comes to storage in harsh winter climates. Sitting by the fireside with your loved ones after that big Thanksgiving dinner and not having to worry about the clutter—isn’t that something to be grateful for? If you’re still on the fence about getting storage, here are three reasons to rent a storage unit during Thanksgiving:

Open Up Space In Your House

Thanksgiving is a time for all the family to get together. For most people, this is a joyous occasion but for some it’s marred with the dread of having to host many house guests in a small space. When you have guests staying over, you would like to have as much space as possible to move around freely, and besides, we all strive to be good hosts to our guests.

The solution is simple. You clear out the guest space by putting all the extra stuff temporarily in storage. Even the smallest container can harbor the contents of a bedroom. Once you clear out the excess, you are left with a lot more space for your guests. It doesn’t cost much, and it’s certainly cheaper than paying for your guests to stay at local lodging.

Temporarily Put Your Summer Items in Storage

The few glorious months of summer can leave so much seasonal gear cramped in precious closet space, in the garage, and around the house for the rest of the year. You can free up this space for things of regular use by clearing out your summer stuff. Just let your summer belongings sit in the storage container, organized and ready, for when the summer sun shines again. What’s more, you save incredible space for Thanksgiving and the holiday festivities that are to come in the following weeks as well.

Keep Your Home Neat and Organized

When you have a lot of guests around, the meals and the joy can come at the price of clutter. You want your house to be neatly organized for your visitors and for your family. Having a lot of unnecessary things around the house can contribute greatly to the clutter, but a storage container makes it easier to keep your home tidy.

By renting an affordable storage container with AAA Mobile Storage you can easily make room for your guests and free up extra space for the holiday season. Let’s not forget your home will be an abode for a Christmas tree and the gifts for weeks to come, so it’s better to plan ahead and make the best use of the space in your home. Contact us for storage container options near you!

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